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We all love nature, right? So are we taking good care of nature? Are we protecting the nature ? It has been under the title of technology and modernity for a long time; We started to move away from nature and our roots, we, human beings, focused only on consumption. All the disasters and diseases we have experienced in recent years made us realize more the importance of nature . We believe that every little step multiplies. That's why we try to do our best to protect nature, people and animals. We work for products that are as far away from synthetic chemicals as possible, that are compatible with nature, that do not pollute the nature, and we want to spread this to everyone in the most appropriate way. We love our world, we all deserve a better future, so what are we waiting for, to do our best with love, honesty and respect. Let's work hard together.

It Has Nature In It!

Cleanliness of Nature, Power of Nature, Freshness of Nature… As the negative effects of chemical products on human health and nature increased, we all found ourselves in search of more natural products. We are aware of the toxic risks that chemical cleaning products may cause and the chronic diseases (allergy, asthma, etc.) they may cause. Based on this, we produce healthy and natural cleaning products.Our products, which are formulated with completely natural raw materials that do not contain petrochemical substances, make homes clean and create safe, healthy and happy homes.


It is possible to achieve cleanliness with raw materials that do not harm nature, people and animals. In SOOP products, we use ECOCERT certified raw materials obtained from natural sources. Olive oil, Sunflower Oil, Coconut oil are our main raw materials. Our products get their strength from these 3 main raw materials.


Our principle of less is more sheds light on our formulas… Our formulas have been developed to achieve maximum performance with less raw material. We do not use SLES, PARABEN, DYE, CHLORINE, PHOSPHATE and PETROCHEMICALS. We do not use fragrances in the SOOP Baby category, we prefer HYPOALLERGENIC or ECOCERT certified organic fragrances in our baby products where we use fragrances. The scents we choose in the SOOP Home category are examined by our R&D department and used by adapting them to our criteria.


We are transparent .. Our packaging is transparent , so you can see inside ... We love the principle of one inside and outside .. We love the principle of less is more .. We believe in mutual trust .. We value your opinions. By visiting our page, you can easily access the analysis documents of our products. In order for you to examine our product contents, we have prepared raw material dictionaries for each product on our product pages, as clear and clear as possible, which raw material is what, what is it for, where does it come from..


SOOP products are VLABEL Vegan Certified.It is a vegan product and does not contain animal fat. After the laboratory tests and inspections with International accreditation by the European Vegetarian Union, it has been proven that it does not contain any animal components and has not been tested on animals, and has been awarded the International V-Label Vegan certificate.


By using recyclable packaging, we deliver our products to you by packaging them in a nature-friendly manner. We follow environmental developments closely and apply them in our production and packaging processes.