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Toilet Spray Cleaner

Toilet Spray Cleaner
Toilet Spray Cleaner
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  • Weight: 700.00g
  • Dimensions: 20.00cm x 8.00cm x 8.00cm
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Eco Friendly

With its special, natural and excellent cleaning power, SOOP Home WC is all you need for the cleaning of your toilets!

The product is applied easily and quickly and reveals excellent results. It quickly disinfects your toilet against microbes. With its bergamot, orange, eucalyptus, mint and fennel scents, SOOP Home WC reveals a nice fragrance and enhances the sense of cleaning.


Apply the product in the toilet and wait for 1-2 minutes. Then clean it with the toilet brush and rinse with water.

Areas of Usage

SOOP Home WC has a non-chemical formula and has been developed for the cleaning of toilet. It does not leave any traces or spots. It cleans without any scratches.

It does not contain chemicals like chlorine, SLES, phosphate, paraben, dye and petrochemicals.

The product has been tested and approved by an INDEPENDENT LABORATORY.

1- Colorant Free Test Report
2- Chemical Analysis Report


Deionized water, 5-15% organic acids, <5% herbal amphoteric tenside, fragrance

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